THINK KLEAN Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer Spray

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      We were introduced to a company called Think Klean here in Los Angeles who makes hand sanitizer.. We love the idea of the spray because it can be used for your hands and surfaces around you. 

      Think Klean harnesses clean ingredients and technology to create hygiene products that effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria, gunfighters, and other common germs. This hand sanitizer performs to the highest standards recognized for home, office and hospital use. 

      For hands: Place enough product on your skin to throughly cover your hands. Rub your hands together until dry (about 30 seconds) . Provides long lasting protection.  Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using this product. 

      Active Ingredient.                      Purpose 

      Isopropyl Alcohol 80%--------Antimicrobial 

      Warnings: Do not use in ears or eyes. 


      Recommended for repeat use. 




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